Jun 15, 2015

Lake Life Executive Condo

Condo Price Singapore: Lake Life Executive Condo

We highlight Lake Life Executive Condo price today.

Lake Life EC Condo Prices:

Unit Type No. of Units Floor Area (sqft) Estimated Price (from)

2-Bedroom 28 743sqft, 969(P) $653,840

3-Bedroom 85 1,023 -1,119sqft 1,066(P), 1,049 (P) $900,240

3-Bedroom (premium) 144 1,087 - 1,206sqft 1,302(P), 1,324(P) $956,560

3-Bedroom Penthouse 6 1,711 - 1,722sqft $1,505,680

4-Bedroom 76 1,195 - 1,435sqft 1,496(P), 1,453(P) $1,051,600

4-Bedroom (premium) 182 1,249 - 1,345sqft 1,432(P), 1,464(P), 1,485(P), 1,507(P) $1,099,120

4-Bedroom Penthouse 6 1,680 - 1,701sqft $1,478,400

5-Bedroom 19 1,604sqft, 1711(P) $1,411,520

Condominium price provided for personal information only.

Readers should note that condominium prices were transacted in the past. Current property prices may be higher or lower depending on supply and demand. Other property attributes and confounding factors may influence condominium prices as well.


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